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Administration, Corporate Headquarters
Lenny Robles, President
Scott Stovall, Chief Financial Officer
Marianne Bourdeau, Vice President, Title and Trust Department Manager

Business Development
Kris Johnson, Business Development Manager

Escrow, Corporate Headquarters
Sandra Blythe, Branch Manager, Senior Escrow Officer
Areta Finch, Senior Commercial Escrow Officer
Robin Bateman, Commercial Escrow Officer
Cheryle Gonzales, Senior Escrow Officer
Tina Bradley, Escrow Officer
Elvia Medina, Assistant Escrow Officer
Joe Machado, Commercial Escrow
Laura Amick, Escrow Officer

Escrow, Southwest Tucson
Angela Garcia, Branch Manager/Senior Escrow Officer/Servicio en Español
Ana Ordonez, Assistant Escrow Officer/Servicio en Español

Escrow, Green Valley
Tracey Rehm, Branch Manager, Senior Escrow Officer
Paula Woodard, Escrow Officer

Escrow, Sedona
Beth Harmon, Branch Manager, Senior Escrow Officer
Leslie Ragan, Escrow Officer

Title, Corporate Headquarters
Merri Jo Leon, Senior Title Officer
Samantha Bourdeau, Title Clerk

Trust Department
Jan Fisher, Trust Officer, Certified Escrow Officer


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